Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

We’ve all seen the articles about how important Social Media Marketing is to a business’s successful marketing strategy. However, if you are like most business owners you have more on your plate everyday than you can possibly hope to get finished so it never happens. Or if you are better than most business owners you get something put out on 1 or two social media channels but the content wasn’t deliberate as part of a larger digital strategy. If you are the exception and are getting social engagement across all channels and enjoy doing it then let me be the first to congratulate you. Now, for the rest of us lets take a look at some benefits to paying someone else to manage your social media.

The First Benefit- No More Guilt or Added Stress

We all feel guilty when we know we should be doing something but don’t. Unfortunately, for most of us this is often the case with regards to our business’s social media presence. We know we should be posting, tweeting, tumbling and everything else but there is always something more pressing going on that needs our attention. Hiring someone else to handle this means we don’t have to end the day feeling guilty about not spending an hour on FacebookSocial Media Got You Down

Better Audience Engagement

Despite what we want and try to accomplish, businesses can’t build an online brand part time. It is a full time job to establish our brand online via different forums, updating different social media accounts, maintaining consistent messaging, and responding to customers across all of these accounts. What is a new dedicated customer worth to you and what would a constantly growing audience that loves your brand do to your business?

It is more affordable than ever

Even though the average salary for Social Media Managers is $60,000+, there are reasonable prices available from your local marketing agency. Most small businesses cannot afford to hire a full time marketing person, let alone someone to purely handle social media but digital marketing companies across the country have hired top talent and established systems to make sure clients are taken care of. This has helped to push the price within reason for most companies and if honestly assessed, is more than worth the money for the time businesses are getting back to focus on other activities.

With so many reasons to outsource Social Media Marketing, it really comes down to determining if it is a reasonable cost for your business. If your company could benefit from higher customer engagement and you want to finally get this off your To Do list then it may be worth look into. Only you know what tasks you can be working on to drive the most value to your business. With all the benefits from hiring a professional, the real question is can your business afford not to?