Avoid potential problems when having house exterior painted

Exterior house painting is very important for the look of your house. It can either make it look fresh, or neglected, depending on how much you are paying attention to it. It should be repainted once in a while. When you are having a house exterior repainted, there are several things you have to keep in mind, especially if you want to hire painting contractor. You have to make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently, so that the job can be completed on time.


When hiring professionals, set up an appointment. You need to know when the painters will be coming so that you could make advanced arrangements for the home’s exterior upkeep. There are some things you have to get done either before or after the painting is finished. Having a nice lawn is necessary for the good look of your home exterior, but don’t mow it when the painters are present, or the day before they come. If you mow your lawn just before the paint job, small bits of grass can be blown into the wet paint, which would affect the finish. Also, avoid roofers, chimney sweeps, tree work and utility work. When we are already mentioning the finish, it would be a good idea to choose ceramic paint for exterior of home as it will last longer, and it is more durable and less influenced by the weather conditions.

Also, before the beginning of project, make sure you are comfortable with the scope of work proposed and agreed. If there is something you don’t like or not fond of, resolve it before any work is done. A written proposal and estimate will be presented to you, and if you find something that seems confusing to you, clarify it. You have to understand everything that’s in the proposal. Always ask for a signed copy of the new contract before the work on a project begins, you never know when it could come in handy.

If you own a pet, it would be good to send them to a neighbor or a friend’s house, to stay there for a couple of days. Or treat them with spa day at a local pet salon. Dogs will maybe not be happy with the idea of having painters in the yard, and they could be barking all day and stress out, so if you want to avoid that send them away for a day or two.

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Kids could also cause some problems. They are curious by nature, and like to investigate things. Maybe they could try to climb the ladders, or to eat paint, to touch painted surfaces, and who knows what else, so if you want to avoid your kids getting injured, poisoned or just ruining fresh paint, make sure they are not home during the exterior painting process.

Before hiring professionals, check all your exterior paint options. Decide what you like and what you want to be done, and then call professional painters. Make sure you are hiring experienced professionals, with a good reputation, who will finish the job properly, and in a short period of time.

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