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Why You Should Pay Attention to Social Media Marketing

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Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter play a huge contribution when it comes to determining consumer behavior and how it relates to products and services offered by businesses. With more than a billion people registered in these online platforms, social media offers an avenue by which companies and their customers interact. It provides a stage where conventional forms of media like TV, radio, and print have failed to address.


The impact of social media on businesses and the consumer market is massive. This is why many businesses have resorted to its use to make their products and services known extensively throughout their vast consumer base.


The Power of Social Media


Social media has opened a new door for businesses to market their products and services while making their name and brand known to a wide audience. These online platforms also provide a way for companies to enhance their reputation, replacing the traditional “word of mouth” with “viral” and “word of Web.”


If a consumer likes what they’ve experienced or bought from a particular business and posted it online, it can be read by others who might share their sentiments. This affirmation, coupled by a sound online marketing campaign by the business concerned, can greatly influence consumer behavior.


While most companies have their own websites, it is highly uncommon for people to visit these pages. Instead, many online users go to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yelp to learn more about the brand or the products or services offered by the business. In many instances, consumers interact with the company through these online platforms too.


Before, the buying process involves asking family or friends regarding a particular product or service. Today, consumers go to these social media websites to learn about the company’s offerings. And to make sure that these products or services are the best in its class, many consumers look for online reviews to verify if what is offered by the business truly provides good value for money.


Big businesses, in turn, have also focused their branding, marketing, and advertising campaigns through social media websites. There has been a massive shift from the traditional media to Internet marketing. Why? Because social media marketing provides wider coverage and at a considerably lower cost.


How Social Media Influences Consumer Behavior


People who have used the product or tried the service can now conveniently describe their experience. With social media, one can now easily disseminate information about the pros and cons of a company’s product or service.


It is noteworthy to consider that consumers are likely to believe an impartial review provided by common folks rather than paid celebrities. When these reviews share a common theme, it will define a consumer behavior.


To illustrate, if a group of people think this particular product is the best and offer good value for money, people who are looking to try this product will likely trust the reviews. This is the power of social media: it empowers people by allowing it to form a community and create a bigger voice.


It’s up to business owners on how to harness this incredible power to persuade consumers into their fold.

What happens when you lose all those photos that were stored on your computer?  Do you rely on Instagram and Facebook?  What happens when you get off Facebook finally, like you promised yourself you would 5 years ago?  You would lose all those photos.  What happens when you need to recover those photos if your computer gets a drink spilled on it?

Data Recovery is a very tricky arena and we recommend to have multiple back ups of your favorite photos, between your desktop computer, and your social media accounts.  So pay attention to who owns your data before you upload your next photo from your latest party.


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