Beard Style’s: Experiment Your For Yourself

Beauty and fashion trends evolve at lightning speed; just glance at newspapers in the supermarket checkout stands for any major entertainment awards show. Women’s hairstyles, makeup and fashion trends get the most attention, but men’s hair and beard styles also change dramatically each season.

Deliberate Five o’Clock Shadow

This ever-popular project looks rugged masculinity and self-confidence without looking too dirty or unkempt. It is also a useful strategy to camouflage acne scars or small razor nicks along your jaw line. This style also works with goatees and other partial face styles. This look works for you by keeping the rest of your ensemble neat, polished and tailored.

Relaxed Caesar Haircut

The original Caesar Cut were popular in the early 2000’s, when it seemed that almost all male TV and film star sports super-short, combed forward. You can still rock a Caesar, but also consider a less rigid and slightly further interpretation of this classic hairstyle. Leaves hair on the crown of the head is slightly longer than the rest of the hair and use some Hair wax to create thick, tousled chunky sections. If you are in a hurry, combing everything forward, slap on some gel and head out the door.

Balbo Goatee

Balbo beard is a small, sparse goatee that really is more of a thin mustache paired with a soul patch. It looks best on men with dark, thick facial hair. Use a small trimmer to narrow your mustache into two halves, leaving about two millimeters of skin visible between them. Your soul patch should be between the size of a nickel and a quarter. If it is too small, you risk looking like a teenager who can not grow facial hair yet respectable, and if it’s too big, it looks like an oddly shaped attempted regular beard.

The Metro-Sexual Buzz Cut

This is not your standard issue military flattop haircut. This extremely short buzz cut will work for you by trimming it every few days so it does not look scruffy. Hair clippers are not expensive and every man should own a good set to pull off styles such as this. If you are balding, is the perfect style for you. It does not hide your hair loss; it flaunts the unapologetically and make it cool.

Have fun to experiment and try new things and not be afraid to take risks. Hair grows back, after all. If you’re worried about looking too grungy, unkempt or unprofessional, stick with shorter and more tailored styles, especially when it comes to beards. For more information on beard care visit the following article –

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