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Without denying it, those people who have gone through litigation have tasted the expenses involved in these kind of cases. Even if some lawyers are looking for alternative fee arrangements to save their clients, such methods are yet to catch on as they had been anticipated. In the absence of such arrangements, attorneys are constantly faced with pressure from their clients to keep these high costs as low as possible. However, these costs have continued to be a major challenge and below are a number of ways that one can keep them on check:


Use your client’s assets

One of the thing that one can do in order to keep these costs down is to maintain a constant channel of communication with their client. There has been instances when an attorney has spent hours trying to tackle a problem only to learn that the client has already sorted that out in another case. If there was any communication from these two, then the time and resources wasted could have been significantly saved. Lack of communication will result to the attorney being on the hook for a hefty bill which the client may not be willing to pay.

Learning more about the client

A lawyer may have years of experience in the courtroom but fail to learn a thing about their client. As part of the pre-suit investigation, a lawyer should always ensure that they interview all of their clients about past cases. They should make a point of finding out what worked and that which didn’t in those cases. Once they have obtained a full picture, they can then use the information obtained in their case. Engaging the client is important since they can be full of resources which will lower the costs.

Focus case strategy

This is perhaps the greatest measure that can help in saving costs in Business Litigation. When you have the case strategies early enough, then you can be able to assess those areas of savings. Through the pre-filing investigation, you will be able to check out the relevant facts as well as witnesses in the case. You will also be able to check out the availability and measure of the damages if there is any. This will tell you if it is even worth for the client to pursue the case. The last part of whether the case may be worth pursue may be a bit tricky. Nevertheless, the client will appreciate your case approach and reward you with repeat business.

Simplifying the case for the jury

If you really want the jury to rule in your favor, then make the case as simple as possible for them to understand. A jury is not interested in the many theories that you want to present to them. They only want to hear your client’s story. If it is a simple one, then they can easily understand it and buy the theory. Also one of the most important thing is Estate Planning, read more about it.

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