The best solution for traveling to Canada

Traveling abroad is probably one of the best experiences an adventurous spirit can have. Discovering new places, learning about new things and meeting very different lifestyles is what traveling is all about. In case you`re looking for some diverse place with incredible sights of nature, rich historical heritage, cosmopolitan cities and a lot of outdoor activities, Canada is the destination you should definitely not miss.

This country is recognized for it`s beautiful natural wonders, very unique and stunning, but also as one of the most multi-cultural in the world. Many aspects of Canada make the place worth visiting, but also worth living there. Here are just the few of them:

• Nature is something that really stands out when it comes to Canada. For instance, if you love mountain hiking or skiing, you cant go wrong with this country. On the other side there are the Northern Lights, arboreal forests, glaciers, many freshwater lakes, etc. The list could go on and on, but you surely understand the point.

• Visit Canada and discover multi-cultural, energetic and distinctive cities. From Toronto and Ottawa, as the financial canters, to Vancouver and Victoria with the beautiful natural surroundings. Or cities like Calgary, Winipeg or Edmond, will leave you speechless and carve a long lasting memories.

• Canada is the country of festivals. People there loves to celebrate, and they do it in the most various ways. Jazz festivals, summer folk festivals, Toronto International Film Festival, cultural festivals, music festivals, food festivals, Pride parades, you name it. Wherever you go, something exciting is going on.

Close up shot of Canadian visa stampThis is just a small insight of Canada`s beauty and diversity, and if you already feel the desire to visit it, there are some things you need to know about ETA Canada visa program. ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization, traveling program that allows eligible nationals to travel to Canada without obtaining a regular Canadian visa. The applying process is very simple and completely online. Note that ETA doesn’t guarantee you entrance to the country, but only the right to travel to Canada, because the official authorities at every point of entry make the final decision. There are some basic requirements you have to meet, such as:

• You need to have a valid traveling document (passport).

• You really need to be in good health because your access may be denied if you`re suffering from a certain diseases (medical exam is sometimes necessary).

• In case you have a criminal record, you cant apply for an ETA.

• You will be asked about your employment but, if you don`t have a job, you won`t be automatically disqualified.

• It`s necessary to have a certain amount of money for your stay (depends on how long will you stay and where).

• One of the most important things is to be convincible. Since an immigration officer has the final wort, your claims have to be true – such as your family, a job, or your finances.

Even if it turns out that you aren’t eligible to travel to Canada via ETA program, that doesn’t mean you cant travel at all. Regular Canadian visa is always available.

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