How Blog SEO Helps to Improve Google Rankings

There are several Search Engines in existence today with the major ones being Google, Yahoo and Bing among many others. Most website content and keywords are ranked on Google. This makes it a necessity for all online businesses to strive at ranking on the top of Google rankings. It is the best way to keep the competition high in the online market. Every online business has to employ every blogging strategies that they know in order to help them to remain at the top of Google rankings and eventually be recognized by a majority of the Search Engines. If one lacks the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then they can seek the services of an SEO consultant who is an expert in the matters of SEO.

The following are the ways in which one can remain at the top of Google rankings.

  1. Provide Valuable Content

In order to be ranked highly by Google always strive to provide only quality content to the readers. This makes the rate of flow constant since the visitor know that they will get valuable content anytime that they visit the blog. One should avoid copying from other websites and blogs. Google does not like such a behavior. Take a look at local ppc and learn some new things.

  1. Have Confidence when posting content and links

One should publish content on their blog only when they are sure it. They should perform a thorough research and be satisfied before any publication is made. Deleting content or links that may have been previously posted may lead to breakdown in Google rankings especially after the ranking may have been done and rated highly. Deleting ends up confusing Google rankings and this may not be beneficial to the internet business.seo

  1. Use keywords appropriately

In every content that one posts on their blog or website, they should be aware that they use the appropriate keywords effectively. The keyword density should be kept at either 2% or at most 5%. This is good enough for Google to recognize it and rate it in their category of business interest. When there is a lot of keyword on a blog, Google is likely to mark it as spam which is not good for internet business. Too much use of a specific keyword may also lead to misunderstanding when visitors are reading the content. Take a look at twitters plan and rank your website.

  1. Strive to have Graphics as much as Possible

For any post done on the blog, one should strive as much as possible to have pictures. Pictures help to break monotony especially of long posts. They also engrave themselves on the mind and this may result in more visits to the page which is an advantage to the internet business. They also make a long technical post interesting as the visitor’s concentration is kept either on the post or the graphics. The visitor also understands the content better with graphics especially in the case of new information that they may have had no idea about.

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