Which Carbohydrates Can Improve Your Fertility and Health

Eating carbohydrates are essential for people’s health. Men and women need those for strength to make more muscles during the exercises. There are a lot of health benefits of eating carbohydrates. By eating carbohydrates, we mean eating good carbs (rice, fruits, potato) which give you the energy through the most time the day.

Women need to eat this type of food because it has a positive impact on fertility and health. So if you choose, for example, to eat rice and fruits instead of chips and chocolate you will be on the right way to increase your fertility and improve health.

Stefani Ruper has written some interesting article on this topic and she explained what carbohydrates you should eat to improve your fertility and health.

Carbohydrates for Fertility and Health

I spend a disproportionate amount of my time telling women to eat carbohydrates.
In the paleosphere, it is incredibly common to eat a low carbohydrate diet. Plenty of people use low carbohydrate diets to lose weight, to sharpen insulin sensitivity, and to reduce appetite in the short term.
A low carbohydrate diet can also be therapeutic for people with cancer, migraines,and chronic infections or psychological disorders.
On the other hand, low carbohydrate diets can be a significant tax on people, women especially.
Because low carbohydrate diets are so popular for weight loss, it is common for women trying to lose weight and to “look good” to exercise often, eat very few carbohydrates, fast, and restrict food intake. The more of these restrictions a woman undertakes at once, the more and more her body reads this as living in a starved, stressed state.
The effects of this are significant: adrenal glands work overtime, livers get tired from performing so much gluconeogenesis, insulin sensitivity drops, body fat levels fluctuate, sleep quality decreases, and libido and fertility decrease.
The problems that come from a low-carbohydrate diet of course don’t affect every woman. Each of us is different. But women who experience stalled weight loss, low-thyroid symptoms, menstrual dysregulation, sleep and or mood and mental health related issues may find significant relief from adding carbohydrates back into their diets.
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Ok, we hope that this article helped you to learn more about low carbohydrate diet and the health benefits of this. But, if you are still not sure whether to use it or not, maybe you should check what your body is telling you. Here is another interesting article from Stefani Ruper about the signs that are telling you that you should eat more good carbohydrates.

8 Signs You Need to Eat More Carbohydrate

Low-carbohydrate diets are super popular right now, especially among paleo dieters.
This isn’t without reason. Low-carbohydrate diets can be therapeutic. They often help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels. People who suffer from certain types of cancer, chronic migraines,and chronic infections also often benefit from going low carb.
Yet low-carbohydrate diets can cause problems, too. It entirely depends upon your own genes, health, and health history.
Sometimes, the answer to your health problems isn’t to eat fewer carbs, but to eat more.
Here is a list of signs and symptoms you might benefit from increasing your carbohydrate intake.
Times when you should eat more carbs

1. You tire easily
Do you find yourself out of energy by the end of the day? Do you lose your breath after a flight or two of stairs? Are you often fatigued? You may need more carbs.
(Though some things, like iron deficiency, can also cause fatigue.)
Carbohydrates are the body’s favorite fuel to burn. If you eat carbs, they are immediately available for energy on demand. If you do not eat carbohydrates, your body always has to manufacture them. If you’ve been eating low-carbohydrate for a while, your body might be tired of producing it’s own sugar. Read the full artcile here.

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