Why Companies Invest Heavily in Business Signage

Signage refers to graphic designs, such as symbols, emblems, or words, that helps the business to be identified by its customers. Signage helps a business to be visible and attract potential customers. It can be said that your sign is your voice in the streets. The undeniable usefulness of commercial signage has prompted companies to invest in them heavily. Let’s find out why.

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Benefits of Signage For Your Company

Whether your business is an established or a new-found one, good signage helps it greatly. Good signage drastically improves the visibility and branding of the company. Prominent, attractive signs draw the attentions of people, who might become customers in the future. People also buy more from the brands they have seen or heard before, than from the brands they haven’t. Thus, signage boosts brand retention.

Unique signage can help a business to stand out from the rest of its competition. This helps customers differentiate that brand from others. If your sign reinforces your unique selling point, your brand will have a significant impression on the minds of the customers. Signage works around the clock and has a longer lasting impact than other advertising tools.

Apart from the promotional aspects, signs also serve functionally to direct the customers to the location of the business. It can also be used as a direct advertising tool by promoting offers and sales straight to the customers. Thus, signage has practical usefulness as well.

Advantage of Signage Compared to Other Advertising Tools

Business signage has some overwhelming advantages over other advertising channels according to Mark Frankel, owner of a prominent sign shop NYC patrons have been relying on for more than 30 years. In addition to just simply branding your company, there are additional benefits of signs.

business signSigns is the only advertising channel that is owned by the company itself. It is a fixed expenditure on a perpetual resource. Every other type of promotion is interim and a repeated expense. In its lifetime, a sign conveys a much lower cost, per thousand exposures, than other publicizing mediums.
Signs work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Dissimilar to other advertisement channels, your sign will be up and visible ceaselessly, regardless of what time of day or night it is.

Almost half the time, a company’s signage is the reason the customer comes to know about it. As the customers pass by it every day, slowly the brand recognition is developed. Even if they were not planning to visit the first time, but slowly continuous exposure to the sign makes customers more inclined to visit or recommend your business to others.
Furthermore, signs significantly increase the chance of “impulse stop” of the customers. Due to the permanent presence of the sign close to the actual business, the consumers are more likely to visit on a whim. This isn’t possible for any other advertising medium and could prove to be the factor that decides the success and failure of the business. All these benefits have seen the companies spend a tremendous amount of money on the appearance and location of their business signs.
People will many times determine whether or not to enter based on the outdoor signage of the business. Therefore, business signage shouldn’t be an afterthought; rather it should be actively incorporated into the marketing mix of every company. No other single item can singlehandedly improve the brand image of your business as a sign can.

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