Cool, Unusual Carpets and Rugs

Every person on The Earth has carpets and rugs in their home. It seems that carpets and rugs are not important topics among the people and that people don’t talk too much about them. But, speaking about home decoration trends they are really important because they can give your home whole new look!

People are not satisfied with their classic design and want something more, something new and fun. So, today we have very strange shapes of rugs, for example, the rug in a shape of a dead man or rug in a shape of an egg. We have to admit, that these variations look very funny and if you want to see these, check the article below, which is published by The Bored Panda site.

15 Cool and Unusual Carpets, Rugs And DoorMats

Almost all of us have carpets, rugs and doormats at home or office. When you look more attentively, they are everywhere – it’s just we don’t even notice them anymore. It may seem that it’s not even worth talking about them, however, there are some really interesting facts and cool carpet designs worth seeing.
Carpet history started a long long time ago – the oldest surviving carpet is over 2,000 years old. It was found in the 1949 in a Scythian tomb in southern Siberia where it had been preserved in ice. The origin of this carpet is attributed to either the Scythians or the Persian Achaemenids. For a long time, it was also believed that the borders of some oriental carpets were protecting those sitting within its magic confines.
Nowadays, nobody believes in magic carpets, but there are a lot of innovative, clever and even crazy carpet and doormat designs you should see! Which one do you like best? Read the full article here.

The Super Mario rug form the previous article looks great but here are even more rugs for kids in the next article. This article has published by Colour My Living site, where you will find the pictures of gorgeous kids rugs for their rooms.

Irresistibly Gorgeous Kids Rugs – cool carpets for children’s rooms

As adults, when we think of decorating spaces, or main attention is primarily drawn to wall colours and choices, flooring while important, often is secondary, not unimportant but secondary. Far more thought is given to wall colour, as flooring is often based on ‘logical’ choices, such as wearability and durability. The logic behind this is simply the fact that as we look around, we are more inclined to view things at our eye level, and the thing that captures are most attention is what is simply within our field of view, making walls primary to flooring.

That said, children on the other hand, are often fascinated by things that we adults, typically overlook, simply because their field of vision is in a different space. With this in mind, the choice of flooring, of rugs and carpets become a far more important choice to a child when decorating his or her space. Beyond the typical 2-dimensional images of towns and road, or of pastel-ly geometric patters, there is now a huge range and wide variety of wonderfully decorated and beautifully interesting and enticing floor rugs that would appeal and capture a child’s imagination – imagine riding on a pirate ship, or rolling around with butterflies! Read the full article here. 

Let’s admit, these rugs look very funny and kids going to love them but we can’t put these in a living room. If you are interested to see classic and well-designed rugs then visit chestnut variegated rug. If you don’t like this one, just check the wide range of the rug products which provides this company. For more information, click the link above.