Could Smart Mirror Be The Next Big Thing?

Technology is improving our day to day lives and we are all pretty familiar with smart home technology these days with smartphone controlled central heating, and blue tooth thermostats. But when it comes to smart technologies and innovation the bathroom, until now, has been largely overlooked.

With the average person spending about one and a half years in the bathroom over their lifetime why shouldn’t it be a smarter, more enjoyable space.

Here we discuss just 5 of our favourite new inventions specifically for the bathroom.

Smart Bathroom MirrorNew ‘Smart Mirrors’

A software engineer at Google has just created a Smart Mirror which can provide water and news updates right into your bathroom.

The engineer, Max Braun, has integrated Android technologies with weather forecast API’s and news press RSS feeds to create the smart mirror.

The mirror, which has a very slick appearance, is still a work in progress. But the potential it holds is very exciting.

Smart Shower Heads

As we become more educated on water and energy conservation bathroom technologies are adapting to help make our homes much more efficient. The new smart shower heads allow you to time your showers, and track how much water is being used – providing notifications when you go over the allotted time period or water usage. It also allows for individual pre sets such as preferred temperature. One of the most impressive features is its ability to change the water flow depending on where you are standing to avoid wasting water.  New smart showers will be available to view in a bathroom showroom near you very soon.

Waterproof Speakers

Phillips and Grohe have just joined forces to produce this really cool waterproof speaker. You can simply connect it to your shower rod and download the app to stream your music into your bathroom while you shower or bath. It’s reasonably affordable too at $149.

Self-Cleaning Door Handles

A clever invention by two high school kids could soon be available in your local bathroom store – a self-cleaning door handle which completely destroys bacteria that it comes into contact with. This is sure to appeal to all those germophobes out there and we think this innovation will be flying off the shelves. The handle is actually powered by the action of opening and closing of the door. Genius!

Bluetooth Bathroom Scales

Now when you step on the scales in the morning your data can automatically sync to your fitness apps and other trackers. At $30 it’s a pricier than most bathroom scales but if you are into fitness technology it is a great little investment.