Crowdfunding With Social Media

Use The Right Crowdfunding PR Strategy

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Forging valuable relationships is critical to the success of any crowdfunding campaign. If you pay attention to some of the most successful campaigns, you will discover they had to put a lot of efforts towards creating relationships. You can duplicate it with alot of know how and sweat equity. Or you can outsource the head ache to an agency like First Wave PR. Such efforts should start long before you launch your campaign, so it’s important to participate in a variety of relevant events especially if they involve other startups and campaigners. But it’s also equally important to understand how you should go about creating relationships especially with the media. Work with crowdfunding experts like First Wave PR Reviews because they are always in a better position to replicate successes they have achieved on past campaigns.


Reaching and enticing targeted audience


The mistake most campaigners make is to think that any exposure is great and that they should only focus on getting more audience numbers. If the exposure is not targeted, then it’s just a waste of time and financial resources. Your message must reach the right people to get the right response on your rewards-based crowdfunding. The audience you intend to reach out to must be interested in the rewards you promise to offer.


Intelligent use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has contributed to many crowdfunding success stories First Wave PR uses all these to help get you the best backers. Social media can be a major source of backers for anyone using the right stories as long as their crowdfunding idea is also interesting and the rewards are great. That’s not as easy as sharing the link to your crowdfunding campaign. There must be great stories many people want to connect with concerning your ideas. Social media marketing with Fist Wave PR should start long before the campaign launch when you don’t even have the link to share. You start connecting with your targeted audience in advance and share with them on issues that your campaign will finally be proposing to address. By the time you launch it, people will already be seeing how that makes sense and you will be doing the countdown towards launch together. The campaign periods on most crowdfunding platforms typically run for about only a month or two, so that can’t be enough for you to create meaningful social media presence. That’s why your efforts must start moths earlier before launch. You have to be working with a team of trusted experts, to avoid being overwhelmed and making mistakes that make it difficult to achieve your goals.


Attracting media attention


In order to get the media interested in your campaign, there must be powerful stories behind it. There are different angles from which you can look at your crowdfunding campaign, so you have to figure out which angle news reporters are likely to be more interested in. You can always research and find out the personality of the media reporters you want to create relationships with, what kind of stories they are often interested in, whether your story has anything of benefit to them and so on. Align the story of your campaign to currently popular or trending topics. Reporters are always writing on what everybody out there is talking about and if you make your story to fit in that criteria then editors will approve it for publishing.


There are numerous tools designed to make it easy to find contacts on social media sites especially on twitter. Fist Wave PR Reviews helps you find influencers who can broadcast your campaign, but you should make sure you don’t share your story too early because by the time your campaign is launched reporters might have already forgotten about it or lost interest. Timing matters when it comes to giving out your story for media coverage. You should do it a day or so to the launch itself when you already have a link for the kickstarter or indiegogo campaign. That way it would be exclusive and as long as it benefits reporters and editors they will publish the story.