Facing a Criminal Charge – Use Social Media To Build Up Better Strategies

When you’re dealing with a criminal charge, you first need to take your time and think about what kind of lawyer you exactly need. When you’re dealing with a criminal charge, you also must consider and decide three options of legal representation. You can represent yourself alone (this is usually not a good solution), the court can appoint you an attorney or you can hire a private one. Not many people are confident enough to represent themselves alone and that can be a very risky option, especially if a charged person doesn’t have any experience in justice, legal defense etc. The biggest problem of defending yourself is you probably don’t have objectivity that is required to properly present the case. Appointed attorneys, usually have too much work and want to finish everything as quickly as possible. Because of that, they usually can’t take their time to prepare the case as well as a private attorney would. Also, they can’t be appointed to everyone. In each state of USA there are laws and guidelines that determine if someone can get an appointed lawyer. This depends of the financial situation of the accused one. Easily said, if the defendant doesn’t have enough money, state can take that into account and assign him with an attorney. Interesting fact is that public defenders have a lot experience and knowledge in a court system and the accused one can sometimes be really lucky to get one, not because of the money, but for the immense practical knowledge and good relationships with colleagues involved in a court session.

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After considering the things mentioned above, if you’re in a hurry and need to find an attorney really fast, you can check up with your friends or check up on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and more. You can read reviews on the internet, check their Facebook pages and comments, and find out everything you need. If someone is good, people will talk about him on social media. No one can hide on the internet, despite being good or bad. Many people have their own blogs where they write personal things about their life, so if someone has recently faced a criminal charge and wrote about it, you may find many interesting facts that may become useful. Take your time and search carefully, you never know what you can come across.


Whether you are guilty or not, we must advice you, you mustn’t choose self-representation in court because that way you could get a bigger fine or sentence. A lawyer can at least help you figure out all your options, and he can also drastically reduce your fines and sentencing. Your criminal defense attorney will analyze all facts and testimonies from the witnesses and he will check up all physical evidence. This lawyer will give you proper aggressive criminal defense and evaluation of all data. When you are choosing a good personal criminal defense lawyer, take your time to talk to more of them. See with which one you can communicate best. It is best to choose (if you can find one) the one who had defended similar criminal charges like yours. Don’t hire a lawyer who is specialized in another area; hire only a criminal defense attorney. Choose only what fits your needs best, despite having to spend more money. For example, if you choose former District Attorney Michael Bruckheim you will choose a lawyer who has a lot of experience in many fields, but his practical knowledge has also shaped him to perfectly deal with all sorts of criminal defenses. This lawyer will surely develop for you a good comprehensive strategy.

Lastly, before doing something completely on your own, try to find online a free consulting with an attorney. You can even send a private e-mail to the lawyer and get some advice. It is important not to be scared. If you’re sincere, and you show repentance (if you’re guilty) everyone will gladly help you.

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