Factors that contributed to the growth of Home Health Care Service.

When hospitals were established in the 19th century,some of the services were not available such as the x-rays services, some complicated laboratory test and home health care services. However, with the emergence of some challenges in the hospitals, there was a need to incorporate such services. Home health care service emerged in the recent past and gained more popularity in many places especially in the developed countries.  Several factors caused the emergence of home health care services including:



During the outspread of a pandemic in a country, several people always flock the hospitals in order to access medical attention. In such cases,  it might be difficult to attend to many people in the hospital at the same time. The possibility of spreading the diseases to other patients too is always high if the diseases is communicable. The patience who are feeling better also always requested to go to their home in order to give room to other patients. A medical practitioner is assigned to take care of them at their home.

Many medical providers

Home health senior care is always private and personal medication attention. Enabling such service could be difficult with inadequate medical officers. In the recent past, there have been a large number of medical graduates who enabled medical service provision to the patient home easier. Several medical attendants can attend to many patients in different geographical locations at a given time.

Economic growth.

The growth of economy in many countries has enabled its citizens to access quality medical attention. Economic growth has also facilitated enhancement of quality research which has resulted in the efficiency of medical services. Health care providers can easily access their patients and attend to them even in homes located in remote area.

a geriatric nurse helps elderly woman at breakfast. elder care of seniors

Portability of medical equipment

In order to deliver home health services, a health provider must have some equipment to determine the exact medical condition of the patient. Some these equipment used in health home care services are very small in size. For instance, the modern thermometer used to measure the temperature of the patient can easily fit comfortably in the pocket of the health care provider. Improvement of the performance and reliability of such equipment to fit their use,resulted into easily delivery of home health services.

Technology advancement

Technological advancement has brought many changes in many fields of knowledge resulting into more efficient, accuracy and services. In the medical find, some computerized devices can easily have detected the illness of the patient and provide the necessary recommendation for the patient. Such small scanners are used in home health senior care services. In some countries, some electronic chips are inserted into the patient to monitor their health. A doctor can know the medical condition of their patience at home. In case of illness, the doctor can deliver their services without being alerted.

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