Great Tips For Social Media Gurus On How To Deal With Nocturnal Enuresis

bed wettingAs a social media marketing wizard, you know that to get the job done right, you’ve got to have the correct tools. When it comes to helping a loved one combat nocturnal enuresis, modern technology may just provide the perfect solution.

Nocturnal enuresis, also known as bedwetting, is a relatively common issue among kids up to a certain age. After around 5 or 6, there comes a time when it’s no longer appropriate and it tends to be ridiculed by both parents, siblings, and the close friends of the afflicted child. This negative attitude can often develop into feelings of shame and even depression that an individual will carry into adulthood. When a child is suffering from bedwetting, it’s absolutely essential for parents and loved ones to take a can-do attitude and work to solve the problem, rather than contribute to the child’s troubles by laughing, shouting, or punishing them.

Diapers Can Fix Part of the Problem
It’s possible to simply purchase diapers for your child and wait for the problem to solve itself. Unfortunately, wearing diapers can add to the embarrassment and shame the child feels, which might make things worse in the long run.

At a certain age, youngsters start being asked to spend the night with their friends, relatives, and at other locations for trips, and wearing diapers during the night won’t be a good option. This will cause them to decline invitations without a sufficient reason for fear that their friends will discover their condition. Summer camps and trips will also prove impossible, adding to the psychological stress your child is already experiencing. Stress is a major cause of bedwetting, so all of these situations will be highly detrimental.

Start By Taking Them To The Restroom Prior to Bedtime
One of the most effective ways to fight nocturnal enuresis is to limit the amount of liquid consumed in the hours before sleep. Insisting that your child go pee prior to going to bed is another good idea. After a few hours, you should wake your child up and take them to the bathroom again, making certain they don’t need to go.

While these approaches do help in most cases, many parents are either too busy or have too many other priorities to spend the time and energy on this technique.

Bedwetting Alarms Can Help Eliminate Nocturnal Enuresis
One solution that seems to help in a large number of cases is using a quality bedwetting alarm. Stay away from the low-cost systems, as many of them aren’t sensitive enough to work, their alarm systems aren’t audible, or they don’t stay attached to the child while they’re asleep. A top-quality bedwetting alarm will have a three-way alarm that uses noise, vibration, and light to wake the child up from even the deepest sleep. The higher quality systems even have what’s called quick detection sensitivity, which makes them work in a higher percentage of situations.

There are also more high-end designs that are half the size and also have better quality clips to keep them attached through the night, which is very important to the success of the system. If you have a child suffering from nocturnal enuresis, or bedwetting, the quickest and most tried and true method of fixing the issue is to purchase a top-notch bedwetting alarm and letting it do all the work. You might spend a few bucks more, but what’s the long-term mental health and wellness of your child worth?

Once you have a quality bedwetting alarm, your child will be on their way to solving their bedwetting problem. With the whole family living a happier and healthier life, you can get back to focusing on conquering the world of social media marketing.