The Truth About Social Media Marketing and Health care

Healthcare Social Media is all the rage nowadays. You can’t visit even one physician-oriented website without somebody breathlessly recommending you to be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube … and now Pinterest. Yet the only reason these talking heads can provide you is, “since they are truly popular and everyone is doing it.”.

Healthcare Social network Consulting is a bubble economy at the moment. I presume there are far more healthcare social media experts in the market than medical professionals who can point to ANY Healthcare Social Media activity that has actually shown a measurable favorable effect on.

  • their Bottom Line.
  • Or their Satisfaction of Medicine.

Don’t listen to the healthcare social networks taste of the month … because here are …

3 Reasons Health care Social network is a Bad Concept for the Typical Practicing Medical professional.

1) There is NO Roi (ROI).

If you are a clinician who is paid by your patient’s insurance coverage business for the services you offer … I challenge any health care social networks specialist to reveal you how they are using a Facebook or other social media post to produces any added earnings for you.

Remember, no one pays you to login and post on Facebook. You would need to be posting something that actually triggers more patients to come into the office where you can see them and charge for your services.

Here are some important concerns:.
How much do you costs in a typical hour? If you invest 2 hours a week on your healthcare social media upkeep (a very little quantity) you have actually could possibly cost thousands of dollars per pay period. Did your tweets drive that much company through the door?

Before you do anything on Healthcare Social network … I encourage you to understand precisely how you create a return on that investment of time and energy. If nobody can show you an ROI … do not do it due to the fact that …

2) Health care Social network is DANGEROUS IF … it’s simply another “SHOULD” to Burn You Out.

With studies regularly revealing 1 in 3 medical professionals burned out on any provided workplace day, including the finding out curve of just among these health care social media websites could be the last straw in your workload. And the social media experts never ever suggest you do simply one … nope. They constantly suggest a “technique” and note the sites in groups of three and 4 as I have above. These are all the places you “NEED TO” have in your healthcare social media strategy.

I can tell you from direct experience that each site has its own knowing curve, innovation and culture. It is a piece of cake to lose lots of hours just standing up to speed on just one website.

Facebook is EXTREMELY different from Twitter or Pinterest … and any among them can be overwhelming to an already busy doctor.

If you are approaching overworked … like most docs I know … and you get a spare hour in your schedule … my tip is to spend the money wisely and leave Twitter to the professionals.

3) Health-care Social network is a Trend, can possibly be a bubble … mostly ineffective … Unless one of these apply.

a) One situation where Healthcare Social network outreach might be rewarding is if your practice (or a considerable part of it) consists of product and services the client pays money for.

In this instance, your Facebook post of a special offer may just drive more customers and dollars in the door. This is precisely how a dining establishment utilizes Twitter and why social networks makes a LOT more sense for a restaurateur than an MD

The more business and cash-based your practice is … the more likely you can come up with a health care social networks tactic or two that makes business sense. AND see the time you or your staff invest in the computer system hoping to “Go Viral”. Do your best to determine the ROI of any financial investment in Healthcare Social Media.

b) Another situation where Healthcare Social Media can be OKAY is if you have a great deal of extra time and don’t care about cash. In other words, it is a Pastime. If you are utilizing your social media avatar (who you pretend to be online) for starts your extra time … go for it.

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