Help With Driving Injuries

Hitting a pedestrian is considered to be one of the severest offenses when driving a car. Such a situation can happen to everyone, as even the most accurate driver does not have immune from running out of the car person, or from rapidly appeared pedestrian.

David Rider from portal in his article shows the consequences for drunk drivers.

Drunk driver sent to prison for killing cyclist

Darya Selinevich, a former legal clerk, had social media posts that glorified drinking and driving before the 2015 crash that killed Zhi Yong Kang, a 44-year-old father.

A 23-year-old repeat drunk driver who killed a Toronto cyclist and fled police at 200 kilometres per hour has been sent to prison.

Darya Selinevich, a former highly regarded law clerk and aspiring paralegal, appeared stoic Wednesday as a judge sentenced her to seven years, reduced to four and a half years in acknowledgment of time already spent in jail since the crash on June 11, 2015, that killed Zhi Yong Kang, the 44-year-old father of a 15-year-old boy. She also received a 10-year driving ban. Read the full article here…

Victoria Ho from demonstrates in her article the radical attitudes towards drunk drivers in Thailand.

Thailand literally wants to send drunk drivers to the morgue

Drunk drivers in Thailand might be forced to face their mortality, if they don’t get the message soon.

Thai authorities have recommended that offenders start adding time at hospital morgues to their community service punishment, in order to show them the consequences of drunk driving.

Currently, convicted drivers have to carry out community service such as cutting trees or cleaning streets. Some do time at hospitals looking after people injured in road accidents already, but it seems that isn’t enough to drive home the message. Read the full article here…

The next video demonstrates how a drunk driver drives a truck.

If you are experiencing the situation if you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, it is better to apply immediately for help the professional attorney to prove that it is you who are innocent.