How Social Media Is Driving Change In The Flint Water Crisis

Power- Social Is The Media

If you go to Twitter and type in #FlintWaterCrisis in the search box, you’ll find a stable stream of tweets regarding the water disaster in Flint MI.

What is intriguing about how this is unfolding is that we live in the snapchat, Twitter and Instagram era. Where once it was a Press Release or A Newspaper that posted a daily story, now we get updates in real time straight to our phones. The power to shape a story was once held in the hands and keyboards of a very select few. Now, stories can spread with the simple press of the Share Button.

Celebrities have been jumping in on this like The Game, who donated $500k to the Water Crisis and showed proof via his instagram share. The fact that we as mini publishers can generate a huge following by being a thought leader or influencer has greatly shook up the buying-advertising and publication industry.

Many local Michigan Companies have been pledging and taking donations to help bring fresh water and supplies to those affected by the toxic water. This is especially hard to deal with as Michigan is known as the “Fresh Water State” and yet thousands of residents were drinking polluted toxic water. Hard to swallow.

Here is a little bit of back story on the Water Crisis in case you missed it-
The crisis in Flint has actually now acquired national interest producing a fire storm on social networks.

Flint switched its drinking water source from the Detroit system to the Flint River in April 2014 to conserve money while the cash-strapped city was led by an emergency situation supervisor selected by the Republican governor. The city went back to Detroit water in October after checking discovered enhanced lead levels in residential water supplies and in children’s blood.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has actually remained in the forefront in getting the Flint water crisis exposure on the national level by dedicating part of her show to highlighting exactly what has actually been going on in Flint.

Stars and social activists have also chimed in by tweeting and publishing about the water crisis, even reaching voicing their anger through social networks.

Cher has been voicing her anger by means of Twitter by calling Gov. Snyder a “murderer.”.

She even tweeted that she talked with Flint’s Mayor Karen Weaver about her issue over how Gov. Snyder has been managing the circumstance.
Filmmaker and Michigan native Michael Moore has actually developed an online petition to apprehend Gov. Snyder over the Flint water crisis.

Moore has likewise made appearances on nationwide networks like Meet the Press, calling for Snyder’s resignation.

Civil Right activists have been making strategies to take a trip to Flint for rallies and protests. They have made announcements they are coming by means of Twitter.

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