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Binders are large folders that contain file folders or hole punched papers. Those papers are held in the binder by circular retainers. The binders are typically made from plastic with metal rings. Binders come in many different sizes, in both capacity and paper size. Mostly used type is a three-ring system for letter size pages. Most binder covers are made as a hardback book and are produced in many styles and from various materials. One of the most popular companies in custom binder business is

They are specialized for production of all sorts of binders. There are few types of binders. First are Turned Edge Binders. They are premium rigid binders with a casemaBistro-and-Sushi-cloth-menus-with-foil-logosde construction similar to a hardback textbook. There are several types of turned edge binders –

ThePaperWorker offers over 20 styles of turned edge binders, depending on what you want and need. You can choose from different designs. ThePaperWorker’s ring binders are Eco Friendly Certified and high quality products.

Second are Paperboard Binders. Their variations are reinforced with pockets, front flap with velcro and super panel paperboard binders. They are all Eco Friendly, and available with low minimum quantity. Also, they can be customized to fit your needs, for example you can add your logo on them.

Third are Vinyl Binders. They can be with custom printed inserts under clear overlay or printed directly on the vinyl. There are a few styles of them, like screen printed and clearview embedment vinyl binders. They can be shipped fast and they are available with low minimum quantity needed to order. Also, they are available in several colors and have endless options for customization,and they are of high quality.

Fourth are Organic Binders. They are made from 100% best recyclable materials, built on wind power and also eco friendly certified. Available in every color, can be raw organic binders or labeled organic binders, and will exceed your expectations.