Mobile Advertising for Roofing Contractors

Roofers and roofing companies are something that people seldom give much thought to – until the day their roof leaks or collapse occurs due to a lack of regular maintenance. While most people will search online to find the right roofing company, there is another possibility for advertising that is often forgotten – namely, that of vehicle signage. There are some important pieces of information that roofers should include when having vehicle signage designed.

Current Contact Information

When searching for a roofing company, most individuals and businesses end up needing to do so in a tremendous hurry – and having to dial numerous numbers or log a host of requests online can be extremely frustrating. As a result, roofers need to ensure that all of the contact details displayed on their vehicles are up to date. In cases where it has been necessary to change phone number or email address for any reason, the corresponding vehicle signage should be updated at the same time. This will ensure that anyone needing a roofer will be able to find one that is honest and reliable as quickly and easily as possible.

Website Information

Many individual roofers and roofing companies are under the impression that ‘they don’t need websites because they are doing just fine without them.’ While this may be true for some at present, the future of advertising looks set to be almost entirely online within the next few years. Any roofer or roofing company that still wants to be in business within the next decade will need to ensure that they claim their share of online advertising space – preferably in the form of a website. A full website address needs to be added to the rest of the contact information on a roofer’s vehicle as well.

Links to Social Media Profiles

Yes – these days, just having a website is not nearly enough for even the best or most established roofer if they want to remain in business indefinitely. After all, it’s no good having a standalone website if the roofer or company in question has nowhere to advertise it. When choosing which social media networks to use, it is important to consider which ones are most often used. At present, this includes Facebook, Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn. Instagram can work in cases where a company has photos of completed work to show as well. When setting up these profiles, it is imperative to include all contact information on them as well – and regular updates will also be absolutely crucial.

Once all of the above mentioned information has been incorporated into a roofer’s vehicle signage, the company in question can expect to receive a tremendous amount of calls regarding work that needs to be done. When having the signage placed on the vehicle, it is recommended that high quality vinyl be used, as this will last for anywhere between 2 and 5 years – depending on weather conditions and how the vehicle in question is cared for over time.

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