Bring Down Big Competitors With Social Media

So how does this effect your small business?

Many of us have to go up against large rivals. They have individuals, money, and resources to throw at problems that simply aren’t within our reach.Facebook-like

They can purchase ads on popular television shows. They can pay for the identifying rights to arenas. They can employ popular actors– or at least reality TV stars– to hock their goods and services.

They can pay huge amounts of money and have a huge marketing spend to stay in front of their ideal customers, who are also our ideal clients.

Load your sling with social networks.You cannot contend versus huge corporations on their battlefield. It’s not a meritocracy, it’s a wealthocracy. He with the inmost pockets wins.

So no, we can’t fill the airwaves with our message, however we can pack a tweet into our sling and target our audience. (Don’t fret, it’s not lethal.).

Social network eliminates, or at least reduces, the cash advantage. A Facebook upgrade is free. AnĀ Instagram post is complimentary. A blog post or YouTube video is complimentary, or a minimum of damn affordable. And sure, these days you have to spend some cash to reach even your fans on Facebook, however it’s still significantly more economical (and more targeted) than an advertisement in the regional paper or a nationwide magazine.

Suddenly reaching perfect consumers is within everybody’s budget.

Connect with your customers.

But it’s not simply your ability to reach your customers, it’s your capability to engage them in a manner most giant corporations wish they could.

There are a few exceptions to this rule but most large corporations come off well, like giant, Search-engine-marketing-designdisconnected corporations. Or they CEO’s that can’t relate to the demographic they server therefore the majority of their consumers cannot associate with.

Individuals prefer to do business with individuals they like, and in a small company it’s much easier to connect with and see the people. While huge corporations are comprised of individuals, too, it’s often more difficult making them out when they belong to huge labor forces. I cannot see the trees for the forest.

With smaller sized labor forces, it’s easier to make out the faces and voices of the workers.

Get intimate.

A lot of giant corporations require lots of clients. They need to attract a large audience so they MUST blanket the airwaves, the highways, and the general public areas to reach that audience. They have to spend thousands of dollars a month on SEO and PPC ads to keep their brand awareness.

A lot of small businesses can succeed with less consumers. We can concentrate on the type of consumers we can help many. Whether they are a local resident, kid or crazy person… they can connect on a deeper level.

And by doing that, we can have more intimate discussions. We can have a laugh between friends, often at the demise of these larger dollar driven companies. But also can still utilize social networks spike that conversation to discover even more customers.

React rapidly.

The majority of corporations are so overloaded that they lose sight of the genuineness that social media discussions provide. (Yes, there are exceptions, but they’re called exceptions for a reason.).

The small business can be free with there techniques.Using unrestricted ideas and minus the legal departments that need to evaluate update that they make. I understand that some individuals remain in highly regulated markets and need to work with compliance officers.

Big business need expensive social networks tracking software to track the discussions. We can get by with Google signals and paying attention to our Facebook page.

Get creative.

If you’re a local cupcake producer, choose one regional company a day or a week and drop cupcakes off in their office. Take some pictures or video of you surprising the receptionist and share it on Facebook or Instagram (with his authorization, of course.) Put them in a box with your company’s name and a hashtag and see if they share that story on Twitter.

If you’re not a local cupcake maker, what innovative ice breaker could you do and share it on social networks?

Share your story.

Many business owners entered company because of their enthusiasm. That enthusiasm develops a story that resonates with your audience.

Social network provides us the tools and the channels to share our story with people who care. Perhaps you need to tell your story in an article. Or speak your story in a podcast. Or demonstrate your story in a YouTube video.