How To Really Engage With Your Existing Audience And Build A New One On Other Platforms

Let’s Talk Tumblr

Have you ever used Tumblr before?  If not then you are missing out on fun, free amazingly viral posts, and most importantly if you are a business owner.. traffic and social shares.  We reached out to Stephen Twomey a social media and traffic generating expert who uses Tumblr quite heavily for some advice.  This is what he had to say, “utilizing a third party platform like Tumblr is great for increasing your brand awareness and gaining a new audience.  As a marketer you need to be where you potential clients are and if they are on a certain platform over another, then by all means don’t be limited to one particular platform. Too many people are stuck using Facebook ads as they think its the only way to reach people. While Tumblr is great for reaching people with a branding message, it works the best with fun viral type content. If you can get a great piece put on your website that you own and share it on tumblr, reach out to some key influencers in that niche and have them share it.. you can get hundreds and even thousands or Reblogs and shares.  If you don’t think that Google sees those notes that you are gaining and the referral traffic, you are certainly mistaken.”


We found some great posts that had posted viral content with zero shares before reaching out to influencers and we can see a few of them have had amazing success after reaching an engaged and active audience.

This post takes advantage of two things people love. Babies and peanut butter.  When you have a peanut butter covered baby. Well people just freaking love it. Do not eat said peanut butter baby. That is highly wrong in every way. Also, do not feed peanut butter to a baby. Check with his or her mom first.


The Lol Biz  is an established brand in their space of helping people book or find a comedian for private parties, birthdays or corporate events.  However until recently they had not invested into social media at all.  All that was soon to change.  Since they are in the funny business, they should be sharing funny and viral type of content. Therefore, Tumblr is a fantastic platform for them to be engaging people on.  Also others could be Twitter as well which has a very high frequency of publish and lots of sharing that happens across the platform.

Let’s not forget newer-ish business related platforms like and Crunchbase who both focus on brand and reputation management rather than social interactions and sharing. It’s more about networking here on these platforms.

Whatever platform you choose, make sure you tune in for more information on how to leverage social in your favor. May the likes be ever in your favor!