How Social Media Fuels Stand Up Comedy Acts

Comedians Love Social Media


Long ago, finding popular topics to make jokes about required you to read the news papers every day or watch television endlessly to gather news pieces that could be woven into your routine.  Now all that is required to gather “stand-up fodder” is to login to your twitter, snapchat or other social app, and you can see that there are ridiculous, ridicule worthy stories being shared all the time.


Stand-up comedians are those people who are well-trained to provide impromptu or patterned comical presentations. They are really great. Why? They can make us happy. They can lead us to the tears of joy and awe. So, you can try to have a particular event with comedians on the show. But here’s a good question here before finalizing a decision of whether or not a particular comedian is going to be hired. How to find the perfect somebody for the job? Is there somebody or nobody?


Well, the breakthrough of Internet that led to the creation of social media is really awesome in this aspect. You can definitely use the social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to find a perfect stand-up comedian.


There are 5 concise reasons why social media can be used as the perfect channel to find the perfect stand-up comedy guy.


First, social media, i.e. Facebook, is used by millions and even billions of people daily, regularly. This serves as the greatest reason of all reasons why the social media channels can drive you right away to your quested comical player. For instance, if you’re going to use an FB page to look for someone perfect for the job, your decision is definitely right. Finding the perfect funny man or woman is as easy as searching for “Hire A Clean Comedian” on Google if you are looking to find a clean comic for a company or private party. If you do not require a clean comedian, you can opt for the more generic search of “hire a comedian”.


Second, social media serves as a venue where segmented audience is formed. So, the main function of Facebook pages is to build a solid base of audience or niche. The comedic entertainers in this world have their own FB pages to solidify a base of supporters and believers. Then, after establishing a solid base of followers, they can easily penetrate their target market.


Third, you can watch short clips through the different social media accounts. Short videos published on YouTube channels or YouTube videos shared on Facebook can be taken as a sort of reference in finding a legit and high-quality comical performers. The videos, whether short or long, can speak for themselves. The level of performance can be evaluated based on the published and shared videos.


Fourth, social media sharing speaks the truth. What is the truth? The truth is social media sharing can justify something about the comical players in the industry. If their video clips have thousands and even millions of clicks, hits, and shares; then, certainly, the performers are really awesome. They are really making positive impressions, to say the least.


Last, Twitter feeds can be used a basis of judgment. The twitter feeds are just short synopsis about something impressive or disgusting. Hence, you can use them as your basis of decision. You will decide according to what people are talking about through the tweet threads.


Taken in a large context, the social media accounts can really fuel the popularity of the stand-up comedy industry. Yes there are comedy festivals, and whole tv shows around finding the funniest comedian. Hiring a comic that is “coming up” is often your best bet at getting that person at a reasonable price. I hear Kevin Hart is over 1million per show now.


This industry is one of the popular genres in the entire entertainment industry. The use of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can really make phenomenal increase in the popularity of certain comedians. By tracing their work through the legitimate shared and liked social media comical posts, it can be deduced that it’s simple and easy to tap professional stand-up comedians.


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