How Social Media Marketers Can Get The Most Out Of Electrode Pads

How Social Media Marketers Can Get The Most Out Of Electrode PadsAs a social media marketer, you spend long hours sitting behind a desk and typing on a computer. As a result, you likely suffer from all sorts of bodily pains. If you’re looking for a new solution to your age-old problem, why not try out TENS therapy(

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, also called TENS, is a system that utilizes electrical muscle stimulation and electrode pads, and has shown great promise in providing chronic pain relief.

TENS therapy causes muscle contractions at regular intervals. This treatment helps to promote the secretion of serotonin and endorphins, both of which are natural painkillers produced by the body.

TENS treatment has helped many who suffer from a wide variety of chronic pain conditions like post-operative pain, disc degeneration, sciatica, and other nervous system conditions. TENS has also shown great promise in treating soft tissue damage from sports injuries.

The effectiveness of TENS therapy depends on the correct placement of electrode pads. These pads deliver the electrical stimulation that’s responsible for the success of TENS-based treatments. Below are some guidelines for the placement of these electrode pads.

Finding The Painful Area

For maximum effect, TENS electrode pads should be placed around the painful area. However, utmost care should be taken to ensure that the pads are no closer than one inch away from each other. This placement ensures that the correct amount of current is delivered to the concerned area. Placing pads too close to one another can reduce the effectiveness of TENS treatment and can actually cause additional pain.

The Right Number Of Pads

Two to four pads is optimal for treating a single, painful area. With some TENS units, it’s only possible to use one pad at a time. Users should move the pads they use around to find the best placement for effective electrical delivery.

Where NOT To Place the Pads

The pads should not be placed close to the mouth, neck, or the eyes. Electrode pads should never be placed on newly healed wounds or on open wounds. In addition, TENS pads should not be placed over joints; these areas can be extremely sensitive to electrical impulses and using TENS over injured joints can cause further damage.

TENS therapy has brought pain relief to thousands of people, however, everyone should consult a physician prior to starting TENS treatment. Although TENS systems can be purchased over-the-counter, this form of therapy is best used in consultation with a physician. Now that you’ve conquered your pain, you can get back to taking the world of social media marketing by storm.