Search Engine Optimisation tips for Small Business Owners in Ireland

Simply put, as a business owner the objective of any social media activity online should be to generate leads and customers.

We’ve all been guilty of frivalously whiling away hours at a time browsing through Facebook and Twitter. But when it comes to your business and getting sales you need to be strategic.

google searchRemember where people go to shop!

If your ultimate goal is sales, as it should be as a business owner, remember that very few people actually go to Facebook or Twitter to find local businesses. They go to Google. With that in mind how your business ranks in Google should be the most important factor. That doesn’t mean that Social Media is unnecessary. In fact it plays an important role in your search rankings, as any smart SEO agency will tell you.

Social signals, which include links back to your website from social media, as well as likes and shares of your content are a very important ranking signal for Google. So social media is in fact very important to your businesses online presence. You just need to be smart about how you use it.

Our top tips

1. Your website is your sales engine

First things first you need to begin with the end goal in mind. You want to get visitors to your website, where you can convert them to sales. Get them off Facebook fast, where they can become easily distracted. At least on your website you can encourage them to fill in a quote form, or avail of a free consultation. Always be selling!

2. Only ever tweet thyself

While not always a realistic goal, where practical you should seek to curate other peoples content that you’d like to share on your own site. And publish to your social media profiles using your blog post url. You’re still sharing important information with your followers. They’re just going to your website to view it and not someone else. We’ve all heard about the importance of content marketing and publishing. This is how it is done.

3. Automate it

There are lots of tools available today to make managing your social media presence very easy. A couple of examples include twitterfeed, SNAP, buffer and IFTTT. Use these wisely and your time with social media marketing could be slashed by as much as 90%. There are lots of how to videos on Youtube to help you understand and get started with these tools.

Not only does automating your social media presence make life just that little bit easier, it also ensures that your website regularly receives those important social signals mentioned above. And don’t forget to forget to ask people to like and share your content. It will all help towards improving your search engine optimisation and Google rankings.

If you need help implementing these tips, view the map below for some information on social media and SEO services near you.

We hope you enjoyed these tips. Stay tuned for more case studies, tips and resources.