How Social Media Use Can Risk The Security Of Your Calgary Alberta Home

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How Social Media Can Risk Your Home Security

 We find it fun to share with friends and family on social media. The more options a social media service provides to share, the more fun it becomes and we are likely to find ourselves sharing too much to risk our own security. Burglars, thieves, kidnappers and many other criminals are becoming intelligent social media users, gathering bits of information here and there to get a complete picture of your security situation. That helps them to know the perfect time to target you or loved ones, your home or valuable property. So if you are thinking about the security of your home in Calgary, it is also important to examine if your social media usage is increasing your risks.


Think twice before you share


Depending on what you share on Twitter, Facebook or any other popular social media network, you could be letting the wrong guys find out the following:


  • Your home address
  • When you are not at home
  • The new expensive item you own
  • The whereabouts of loved ones
  • How your home interiors look like
  • Your daily routines or things you do on a regular basis


Sharing too much online could expose your home security, linked to your personal security, and in many ways than you may think. But it is still possible to continue enjoying your social media use without any significant security risks. You have the choice to decide what you should or shouldn’t share and which people you should share with. Make use the privacy settings provided on most social networks, and adjust them to a level that you believe takes care of some of your security issues. Sharing your home address is never a good idea as you never know who could decide to use it and for what purpose. Even when you check into a restaurant, attend an event, go to vacation or any other place, you don’t have to let people on social media know it. You could share some of that stuff later rather than at the time it is taking place. Don’t make your schedule available to everyone on Facebook because that helps burglars to know when to strike.


Get home security systems installed


If you take your home security seriously as everyone should, in addition to taking precautions as you share on social media, you should also consider investing in some of the best alarm systems Calgary. These are systems that give you more control over your home security. They come with effective control panels, sensors for the doors and windows, motion detectors and video surveillance systems. All these being wireless systems, you never have to worry about a burglar cutting any wires to disable them in any way. If you are also interested in solutions for home automation Calgary, they are also part of the security systems. So as you take care of your home security issues to prevent intrusions, you can also make your home more energy efficient to help your planet.


Let Social media friends know about home security


One of the best things with modern security systems is that they are backed by the latest technologies. Even if intrusions are detected when you are away, an app installed in your smartphone alerts you to take the necessary action. The same app has controls for all your lighting, cooling, heating and most small appliances, so you don’t have to be home to save energy. You could tell your friends on social media to get such brilliant security and automation systems for their homes too. But don’t go ahead to provide the exact details of your own home security.


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