Social media’s role in the preservation of the environment

Social media plays a huge role in the whole world. People cannot spend a single day without it. They are posting photos, videos, they chat with other people, read news, and do many other things using social media. Social media can affect people’s mind a lot when it comes to setting standards. Is something ‘in’ or not, that will decide people who use social media services. Media can also have a big role in more important things. One of the examples is the preservation of the environment.

This theme has become very important in the last few decades. People have become aware that situation is critical and, by using social media and many other tools, they are trying to do everything to prevent the planet from further destruction. Many organizations are working very hard to make people understand what does the preservation of the environment mean. Some results show that there is some progress. Recently, a group of scientists announced that the ozone hole has become a little bit smaller. That is a very good thing, but we must not stop now. We must work even harder to make the ozone hole disappear if it is possible. When we do that, global warming will be stopped, and the temperature will slowly return to the normal level.

Many people are asking how they could help with this. Well, they could, and they can help a lot.

GreenHomeSolar panels, water tanks, proper home isolation, and many other green energy devices can make your home more energy efficient. In that way, you will use renewable energy, wich means that you will not pollute the earth anymore and its resources will be untouched. These devices are very expensive, and that is the main reason why people do not use them. There is a new program for financing green home improvements, and it will help everybody who wants to make the home more ‘green’ to do that. Proper Assessed Clean Energy or PACE is a new program which will buy devices for renewable energy for the people who want to buy them. They will repay it through the tax bill, and they will have about 20 years of the stretch period. The only problem with this program is that is still not established in many states. Arkansas and California are the only two states that have established it and the people who live in these two states can use the benefits of PACE financing.

When you use devices for renewable energy, you do not pollute the planet and you save a lot of money on energy bills. It is a very good investment and with PACE program you will not have problems with repaying those devices.

We make some improvement and we become aware that our planet is very polluted and that we must work a lot to protect it from more pollution. We, people, are the most responsible for this situation and we can do the most to save our planet and make it be ‘green’ and healthy again.

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