Technology creating new opportunities in Healthcare Admin Roles

Year after year the healthcare industry has continued to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected jobs in the industry to grow steadily until they reach almost 25% of the economy in the year 2022 and beyond.

There are a variety of factors causing this increase, including the constant population rises, but also the aging of Americans and citizens worldwide. As people grow older there are more diseases of the aged, like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, stroke and other afflictions. The huge number of Baby Boomers that are now reaching about 65 years old will continue to need more care as they get older.

Healthcare Management Jobs Are On The Rise

Because of the giant leaps in computing abilities, advances in all other types of technology are growing by leaps and bounds. This has created large new industries where there were none before. The demand for workers in medical careers that hadn’t even existed just 10 years ago has also led to a demand in Medical Administrators to manage those people as well.

There are now more opportunities for those with healthcare management masters degrees than ever before. By the time a student graduates there are likely to be new jobs opening that hadn’t even been invented when their schooling started.

Add to that the major reforms in healthcare at the Federal level and you have a complete upheaval of the entire industry. There are predicted to be more jobs added in healthcare than any other field, even renewable energy, between the years of 2012 and 2022 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Top 3 Healthcare Administrative Roles Which Will Take The Lead

The hiring and training of personnel will become a major project for many hospitals and medical care facilities. The advancements in sciences and technologies will require many employees to get basic educations in general technologies, then learn the latest on the job.

technology training for healthcare careersMany of the newest machines and equipment will be developed and improved rapidly so that ongoing training will be necessary to keep abreast of the latest innovations. This will require constant monitoring by the Human Resources Administration to maintain the training and certification of all technicians in the facility.

The next major Administrative Role will be in the medical billing and coding and medical records departments. As the new healthcare laws come into effect, many of the billing procedures and charges will be changing. When the records technicians assign the codes to the particular procedures that are done they will have to be certain they meet all of the new guidelines for billing.

The billing departments will also be changing due to the ACA and the large number of people that have been without care for such a long time. There will be a rush of new clients seeking care for afflictions left untreated, so billing departments will need extra help in dealing with the overflow.

Finally, the  medical facility management administration will be dealing with large increases in new equipment and new technologies as well. They will have to undergo training courses to learn many new technologies that will be introduced in the coming years to modernize maintenance and repair throughout their buildings. There will be robotic cleaners, delivery vehicles, grounds maintenance machines and overhead drones for security and observation, all coming in just the next 5 years.

Technology is advancing exponentially now in many areas and industries. Management personnel will have to become more flexible in their styles and more training oriented in order to stay ahead of the quickly advancing breakthroughs in science and technology.