Three Social Media Strategies For Wedding Photographers

Social media is the quickest and easiest way for wedding photographers and wedding planners to share their images and information. The internet has so many options when it comes to sharing photos, and many of these photographers and videographers are unaware of some of the best ones to use. We would like to share with you a few that you can use immediately to increase the exposures of your great images.

wedding photography and social media

Flickr – this is a Yahoo owned property and one of the easiest ways for you to upload, organize, and share your online photos with the world. Signing up for an account is easy, and the ability to share across many platforms is simple.  A wedding photographer can easily post all of the photos of a recent wedding, and then share those photos that are uploaded to Flickr to other properties such as Facebook and Twitter.  The immediate advantage that most people fail to understand is that the power of social media comes from sharing.  Having photos shared across multiple social platforms is going to give your company the most opportunity at being found online.

Instagram – most businesses fail to capitalize on the power of Instagram. You likely have friends and family that post to Instagram often, but how many businesses do you know that take advantage of this platform.  This is the Instagram page of Tommy Gatz Entertainment in Annapolis, Maryland. As you can see, Gatz not only shares his photos, but he also shares these wedding images with his brides, grooms, parents, and others involved in the actual wedding.  It gives the business the opportunity to grow his following by using photos of people in the wedding. Think about the marketing strategy Gatz Entertainment uses.  He takes high quality images of the big day, then shares the photos on Instagram with those in the wedding, who then in turn share those photos with other friends and family.  One wedding event can turn into hundreds of followers, and more opportunities to be found online.

Google Plus – This is one of the most important social media platforms a wedding photographer can take advantage of the impact on rankings. If your wedding businesses wants to rank organically on Google, then it would make sense for you to list your photos, videos, blog posts, and everything else related to your company on this page.  In additional to the potential increase in rankings, you also have the ability to link back to your website on the page.  If we continue to follow the social media strategy of Tommy Gatz Entertainment, you will see that the businesses Google Plus page also has a link back to the main website.  Visitors land on one page, click on a variety of images, videos or posts, and eventually end up back on the wedding photographers website.  If you were a bride to be looking to hire a wedding photographer in Annapolis, Gatz would likely make the top of your list very quickly because you have already become quite familiar with their work.

wedding photo in Annapolis MDThere are countless opportunities for businesses involved in wedding photography to take advantage of. You simply have to look at what some of the leaders in the industry are doing, then follow the plan they have laid out for you.


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