Useful tips for puppy owners

When you get your own dog you realize why individuals think about them as an element of the loved ones rather than just a dog. Dogs have feelings, same as humans, and should be treated accordingly. You should take a good care of your puppies. Just treat them the same way you would treat your kids. The quality of life of your dog depends on you. You should provide him with all the things needed for his health, for the proper development and for the entertainment.

First thing you need to buy is proper dog food. If the expense of your dog’s higher-quality food is a problem for your personal family members, start buying different brand and purchase in large quantities. The major-name pet store stores offer you highest rated titles in pet dishes in a significant lower price when ordered in the larger sized quantities. You can reduce the fee to suit your needs plus some close friends although nonetheless providing your dogs with healthful and refreshing dishes. And watch out how much and how often do you feed your dog. He shouldn’t starve but he shouldn’t be overfed. It is important for him to eat enough food so he could grow and develop, also he has to take in all necessary vitamins and minerals through food. But you shouldn’t overfeed him as constant overfeeding could and probably will lead to obesity.

Physical activity is also very important for the health of your dog. Take him for a long walks in the park, make sure he has enough space to be able to run, if you have a yard let him play outside especially in the summer. Just make sure there is a shaded place in the yard because dogs can suffer from heat stroke too, same as humans. If your dog starts acting weird after a day on a sun take him to the vet immediately.

product_5It is also important to buy joint support for dogs as they often have problems with the pain in the joints, or with arthritis. It is up to you to try to heal this problem, or at least to make it less painful. Taking proper medicine is very important for reducing pain.

Dog’s ears are in risk of being infected because dirt can get into his ear so make sure you have ear infection drops for dogs. Besides dirt, bacteria can get into them and cause some problems, and could eventually lead to hearing loss so take proper have of his ears.

If you are planning to take your dog on a trip speak to your veterinary about movement health problems medicine. Provide him with medicine to stop queasiness and throwing up and make sure you get him bottled water should you be traveling to any spot that has proven to have problems with drinking water quality. Also, you should buy small dog crate, and close your dog in it if you are travelling by train or bus. Besides for traveling, crate can be used if you are leaving your dog home alone and are afraid he could swallow something and/or choke while you are away. Or just make a mess in your house.

Pet-Dog-Waste-Poop-Bag-DispenserIt is obligatory to have on you dog waste bag dispenser so you could pick up after your dog if you stop at the side of the road or on a parking to take a little break when traveling, or just to have it when going for a walk with him, as every responsible dog owner has dog waste bags when going out. It is important to pick up after the dog as if you don’t somebody could step in it. If you don’t want to step in somebody else’s dog poop make sure no one steps in your dog’s poop.

Make sure your dog has some dog toys so he could play with them. And buy for your dog some special treats which he will get when he deserve it. Also make sure your dog knows who the boss is, as if you don’t then he will think he is the authority and not you.

Always use best dog shampoos if you want your dog to have beautiful and shiny coat. Don’t use shampoos meant for people because chemical ingredients are different. They are not called dog shampoos without reason. And they are not very expensive so you don’t have a reason not to buy them.

Nail trimming is also important so make sure you have dog nail clippers. Brushes made especially for dogs are also important for the beautifully looking coat.

Your dog should have microchip in case he gets lost. This will allow you to find him wherever he is. And one more thing, you should have something anti itching for dogs because dogs sometimes have problems with dry skin and skin irritation. Skin irritation is usually caused by some bacteria, and dry skin can be result of not getting enough vitamins, not drinking enough water, or a result of temperatures outside. Skin irritation itches and is probably annoying for your dog, so help him deal with it, or try to prevent it.

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