Using Social Media To Help Drive Mercedes Benz Drivers To A Purchase

Value of Social Media Relationships for Auto Businesses


Today businesses of all sizes across the sectors can no longer consider social media marketing as another fad. Strong presence on relevant social media platforms must be driven by engagement in order to increase the potential of building customer loyalty. It takes deliberate efforts and results won’t be realized overnight.


Many auto businesses are making efforts to be on social media platforms, but most of the times they use the wrong strategies and are missing out on many opportunities. Taking a look at what shows up on Facebook pages of most auto dealers can shock many social media experts. Many traditional marketers are yet to fully understand how most social media marketing channels are supposed to work. If you share irrelevant content that is no interest to users of social media platforms, your efforts easily go wasted as you gain nothing back. It might seem interesting to share stuff about customers shaking hands with smiling members of your staff. Your page might even generate a good number of likes. That’s not what social media marketing is all about and you could even be getting no value out of it.


Social media is all about building relationships. Many auto dealers have for years achieved success in their businesses because of relationships they used to build the traditional way. The traditional strategy may not be so effective today because of the digital revolution. Now customers are taking advantage of all digital media channels to get the information they need and to interact with whoever is willing to interact in this modern way. It requires some skills so some business owners have to consider hiring experts to socialize their business brands. But if you run a small auto business and cannot afford to outsource social media marketing, there are smart ways of doing it yourself successfully.


Instead of focusing on getting more likes for your social media pages, the most important thing you could do is to make deliberate efforts to engage with your target audience. Look for relevant conversations you can start or take part in, but don’t attempt to sell there because that quickly turns off most people. Social media users most of the times are interested in entertainment, so the more formal stuff should take a back seat if you want a strategy that works. Creativity comes to use here in order to find interesting ways of presenting your content to attract interactions.


A business that deals in helping drivers buy Mercedes Benz engines will for instance need to look for interesting or entertaining ways of hooking up social media users on conversations that matter to them. Find how to make those who love Mercedes Benz cars to have a conversation with you. Take part in Mercedes Benz car shows or talk to people who do and share any special experiences you have. More people will engage because you are not pushing stuff that you sell to them. As you grow social media following that believes you share interests with them based on the engagements you have, they will begin to reach out when they need solutions to problems they want you to help them solve. Somebody could easily ask you a question on parts like Mercedes Rims if they want to make their cars look more elegant. That could come from interactions on photos or videos you may have shared about a certain auto event you find entertaining. Such creative strategies if used consistently over time will not only get you loyal customers but also drive your overall online marketing strategy including ranking your business site higher on Google search results.


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