Using Social Media To Locate Local Services

In the past few years, we have grown accustomed to finding the service providers we need on search engines like Google and Bing. Well now, you do not have to use search engines to find the local services that you need. You can find them on your favorite social media websites including Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


Finding Service Providers On Yelp

Yelp can be a consumer’s best friend. If you are looking to use a dumpster rental company for move out or a construction project, then you may be wondering about the roll off dumpster prices. Yelp provides consumers with reviews of service providers and ratings entered by other users. On Yelp, you can look up multiple dumpster rental companies to see what people liked and did not like about them. Sometimes people also share what they paid for dumpster rental services.

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Looking Up Dumpster Companies On Facebook

Some dumpster companies will not have a website, but will have a Facebook page and Google+ page instead. This way they can save money on a lot of the technical web design and web developer stuff to just promote their business. From a business owners point of view, we would not recommend this, but as a consumer, it could be nice to have a lot of information to look at on Facebook. You will be able to look at the ratings and reviews people have left on Facebook as well as any comments that previous consumers have left on the page. Keep in mind, however, that the business can delete comments left on its page (not ratings though). One of this issues with a Facebook page is that it will not have as much information about the services provided by a company. This is why every dumpster rental company needs to have a website.


Hear About Dumpster Rental Deals On Twitter

Twitter may not be a great place to learn about a business, its services, and customer approval ratings, but it is a great place to hear about sales and special discounts for dumpster rentals. Follow your local chamber of commerce to learn about a lot of things related to service providers and local businesses. If you use dumpster rentals frequently, then follow a few dumpster rental companies to stay up to date on what they are offering.


Locate Service Providers With Google+

If you begin typing the name of a service provider on your iPhone, then information from the company’s Google+ profile will show up before you even finish typing. Here you will be able to find the basic information about a company without visiting its website. You will see hours, a description, a link for directions, and a link to the company website. On your desktop, you can use the Google+ listing to get an idea of where the company is located. This is especially useful if you will be picking up a dumpster rental rather than having it delivered.

Utilizing Google Maps For Local Business

Maps are an effective but little known way for you to find local businesses in your area.

You have the ability through Google to create and edit your own custom maps based upon any of the search criteria you would like. If you want to make a map of all of the service providers in a particular city, you can create the map, edit it, and share with others. This will be an effective way to save time by finding other maps people have created for other similar services.

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