Using Social Media To Find A Virginia Wedding Venue

Virginia has become an extremely popular spot for weddings within the United States. Because of this, there seem to be a plethora of Virginia wedding venues to choose from. From vineyards in Loudoun County, Virginia’s wine country, Bed and Breakfast wedding venues near Charlottesville, to beautiful parks in western, VA, and beautiful beach venues in Virginia Beach, this state has it all.

Say I Will At Chestnut Hill Wedding Reception

Virginia is a large state; it can be difficult to travel from east to west and north to south to look at all of the VA wedding spots. Luckily, there are a lot of resources that can help you narrow down the options without driving all over the state. I would suggest starting with a website like The Knot to look at a bunch of Virginia wedding venues in one location. You will be able to see ratings on this site based on what other brides thought of the places. A lot of big wedding sites also share a general cost ($ vs. $$$) associated with each wedding venue. Once you develop a list of some of the top wedding venues, you should figure out a way to visualize that list.

Your Pinterest Dream Wedding

Pinterest is a great tool for putting together a visual list of your potential wedding venues. Create a “wedding venues” Pin board, and begin adding pictures of some of the possible wedding venues in VA. You will be able to look at photographs of the sites next to each other to compare them all. Another great thing about Pinterest is that you will find other wedding ideas as well as pictures of real weddings at some of the venues that you are considering.

Facebook Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

The best way to narrow down your list from this point is to look on each of the wedding venues’ Facebook pages to see pictures from some of the weddings that have been held at each venue. You probably have a pretty good idea of what you want your wedding to look like, and if you do not see anything like it in the pictures on Facebook, then that tells you that it may not be the right venue for you. Google Maps & Other Location Services Now that you have a decent idea of which wedding venues you like the best, itis time to start considering visiting them in person. After all, you wouldn’t marry a guy who you have only seen a picture of, right?

You also should not choose a venue without seeing it in person. Google maps will allow you to develop a route to look at each of the wedding venues in VA. Your Pinterest board also has map features available, but Google Maps is better for getting directions. Make a custom map to see clearly the locations of each of the venues.

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