Utilizing Maps To Find Local Attorneys

In the last 18 months, listings for local listings on Google Places, that was first known as Google Maps has increased in competitiveness. Various people now consider the listings for local businesses on Google as the “Place Page.” Due to the confusion with these maps, there are many ways to refer to them.  Some refer to them as Google Maps, others as Google Places, when actually businesses will set them up as a Google My Business page. These pages are the replacement for the “yellow pages” for a variety of smaller companies.

Lately, Google has combined information from the company listings with organic listings that have fundamentally maximized the importance related to optimizing listings for local businesses. Consumers can now quickly find a local attorney through maps available on Google Maps.

The first step in optimizing and creating a listing for a local business on Yahoo! Local, Bing Maps, Apple Maps, The Place Page or Google Places would be to use experts that specialize in these services. These services offer the creation of key phrases like “Personal Injury Attorney In Philadelphia” or “Jacksonville Patent Attorneys.” These online marketing services know exactly how to update and revamp listings on Google Places that offer law firms the best opportunities in appearing on the first page of a search. Here is an example of a local map listing for a local DUI attorney in Milwaukee, Wi.

For various clients in the past, the results are usually immediate. Several attorneys seem to assume that a “secret formula” or “luck” causes certain websites always to appear at the top of various search engines. In fact, the Internet is entirely transparent, and the factors involved in reaching these top spots are very simple to understand.

Google Place New Features And A New Name

The listing service for local businesses offered by Google was first known as Google Local. Not long ago, Google changed this name to Google Places. This new name is available with a host of new and exciting features. One of these features is that if a picture has not been included in the listing, Google will automatically post a picture on behalf of the business. Even when a listing already has a photo, the business will then be allowed to post up to 10 additional images. Pictures are a critical part of a puzzle needed to optimize a listing in the correct way and help a client find an attorney through maps.

Optimizing a listing for a local law firm is vital because this information is combined with the organic placement. The Google’s Place Search has altered every aspect of “search engine optimization.” Staying ahead of competitors often necessitates the assistance of “internet” marketing firm.

Latest Update

Google stopped the Tags option in 2011. This option worked well at the time as the $25 monthly fee on Google Places allowed clients the choice to tag specific information about a listing for a local business. The tag was a “yellow button” that was positioned next to an item in the listing for a law firm, such as directions or the address. Even though the tags are no longer an option, internet marketers follow each change that makes an impact on Google Places so that law firms and other local businesses can take full advantage of these latest options.

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